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BD and La Sportiva Athlete Joe Kinder has been in the game since the late 1990's, and when it comes to sheer numbers, he is prolific. Since 2000, he's logged roughly 200 5.14 redpoints, sending nails-hard routes like Tommy Caldwell's Kryptonite (5.14d). But perhaps Kinder's greatest gift is his eye for establishing first ascents.
Last winter, instead of exploring Alaska, British Columbia, or Japan, Colter Hinchliffe found himself in another outdoor paradise: Moab. Few would think of the sandstone paradise-a mecca for climbing-as a place to push one's ability skiing. However, Colter was inspired by the terrain and grabbed a pair of skis to explore the peaks of the La Sal mountain range.
La Sportiva Mountain Running athlete Kelly Halpin travels to Greenland's coastal town Ilulissat in pursuit of an adventure-style run that took her on a 24-mile loop, crossing some of the country's rugged coastal terrain. Video: Savannah Cummins & Matthew Parent
The very trip itself, a leisurely five-day road trip startin in Utah's Uinta and Wasatch mountains, with our ambassadors Tom Runcie and Anton Sponar